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CENTRALISED ONLINE ADMISSION Session 2024-2025 ( Undergraduate Courses / Programmes)


(Undergraduate Courses / Programmes)

Session 2024-2025


1. The competent authority in the State Government has decided to introduce Centralised Online

Admission to all Undergraduate courses / programmes in West Bengal for the academic session 2024–

2025 in all Government, Government-Aided Colleges, Unitary Universities (excluding Jadavpur

University and Presidency University), and State-Aided affiliated Universities. The online admission

process will be conducted through a centralised online portal. The basic intent of developing an

online portal at the state level is to provide an opportunity for students to select college / course /

programme across the state, ensure transparency in the system, and fill up the maximum number of

seats available at the UG level in the state. For the said purpose, applications will be invited online

through a common portal from students who have passed Class XII or equivalent examination from

any recognised Council / Board / University.


2. Autonomous Colleges, Minority Educational Institutes/Colleges, Training Colleges, Law Colleges,

Colleges/Universities offering courses like Fine Arts and Performing Arts, Crafts, Dance, Music,

Colleges offering Engineering, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medical Courses and Self-financing/Private Colleges

and Presidency University, Jadavpur University shall be out of the purview of the Centralised

Admission Portal.


3. This system will take care of the following aspects of the centralised online admission process:

a. Candidates’ Registration in the Portal

b. Profile creation by the candidates

c. Application submission by the candidates

d. Creating Preference List of the Applications by the Candidates

e. Generation of Merit Lists

f. Higher Education Institute (HEI) – wise Seat Allotment

g. Payment of Admission Fee

h. Provisional Admission of the eligible candidates is subject to verification of the original


i. Cancellation of admission (against the valid application for cancellation of admission

submitted by the candidate, if any) and refund of fees as per the rules now in force.

General Guidelines for Application




1. Any candidate who has passed 10+2 or equivalent examination may register in the online centralised

portal, subject to certain restrictions in terms of the year of passing as set by the concerned

Universities/Colleges/Higher Education Institute.


2. A candidate can search for courses / programmes, colleges, and universities even before registering in

the portal and access all relevant details, such as course / programme - wise eligibility criteria,

number of seats (category-wise), formula for merit-index calculation, combination subjects offered,

college profile, etc.


3. To register, candidates must provide a mobile number as their primary contact. This mobile number

will be used for identification of the candidate and communication throughout the Centralised Online

Admission Process. Additionally, the candidate must also provide a valid e-mail address to receive

different communications from the portal during the Centralised Online Admission process (UG).

Candidates are advised not to change their mobile number during the entire process of online

admission, as it may result in not receiving important communications from the portal from time to



4. As a first step in the application phase, a candidate will create a profile, providing the necessary

personal details. Candidates must be cautious about all inputs provided, as this data will be used

for eligibility criteria checking, merit indexing, and seat allotment by the system. There is no

provision in the system for automatic validation or correction. If the candidature of any candidate is

adversely affected due to the entry of wrong data by the candidate, the candidature of such

candidates will be liable to be cancelled even after provisional admission.


5. Information to be provided by the candidates is given below:

a. Personal Information

b. Address

c. Additional Information

d. Results

e. Documents


6. Once the profile is successfully created and submitted, a candidate can check her or his eligibility with

respect to any course / programme in any college in any district under any University of West Bengal

under the purview of the portal under reference. Eligibility will depend on the course / programme

and HEI, and the details of the eligibility criteria will be made available in the portal.


7. A candidate will be allowed to apply for a maximum of 25 courses / programmes (for which the

candidate is eligible) across one or multiple institutions.


8. A candidate applying for multiple courses / programmes will be required to rank the courses /

programmes in order of her or his preference. As the candidate is allowed to apply to multiple

courses / programmes, marking of the preferences in the applications is to be done carefully, as the

seat allotment will be done on the basis of preferences exercised by the candidate. A candidate can

change the preference list by adding or deleting courses / programmes or by re-ordering the list any

number of times until the closure of the application window.


9. If a candidate does not indicate any preference, they will not be able to submit the application.


10. A candidate can change his or her profile information at any point in time before the application

window closes. In the event of any change in marks, the candidate must prepare the preference list



11. Candidates must be very careful while applying. Candidates are advised to select the maximum

possible number of courses / programmes in the same or different institutions (up to 25) and carefully

rank their preferences. Candidates will be allotted their highest available preference (at that

material point of time) based on merit rank and the availability of seats.


12. Candidates applying for 4-Yr Hons. / Hons. with research / 3-Yr Multidisciplinary Courses /

Programmes must choose Major and Minor subject(s) during the application process. For B.Com. 4-Yr

Hons. / Hons. with research / 3-Yr Multidisciplinary Courses / Programmes there shall not be any

scope for selection of combination of subjects.


13. On closure of the application window (by 11:59 p.m. of the last date of submission of application

form), profile information and applications with preference rank will be auto-submitted, and no

further changes can be made. The candidate may anytime login to the portal and download the

application form throughout the entire period of the centralised online admission process.


14. A Unique Application Number will be generated for each applicant once the application is submitted.

This Unique Application Number will be used to identify the candidate throughout the entire

admission process.


15. Candidates will find a FAQ segment in the portal, which may help them resolve their queries. If this is

not resolved, they may refer to the ‘contact us’ section of the portal.


16. Admissions in Sports Quota Seats (if any) will not be considered in the UG Centralised Online

Admission portal.

Merit Index


17. After the closure of the application window, the Merit Index will be generated by the system for each

course / programme in each institute (both the general merit list and the category-wise merit list),

and all eligible candidates will be ranked as per their Merit Index (in descending order) in the

respective lists.


18. The merit index will be calculated based on the ranking rules provided by the concerned Higher

Education Institution (HEI) for each individual course / program.


19. A General Merit Rank (GMR) list will be generated based on the merit of candidates in all categories

for each and every institution and Course / Programme.

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20. A Category Merit Rank (CMR) list will also be generated for reserved category candidates for each and

every institution and Course / Programme.


21. No separate rank will be generated for PwD or differently abled candidates. However, there will be

horizontal reservations for PwD candidates in all categories where such applicants are available, as

per the government rules now in force.


22. The seat allotment will be published on a scheduled date, duly notified from time to time.


23. Allotments will be given based on the information provided by the candidates. If at any stage it is

found on scrutiny that the applicant is not eligible for the allotment because of a discrepancy in the

data provided by the candidate or the unavailability of supporting document(s), the corresponding

allotment or provisional admission shall be treated as cancelled.


24. A candidate will login to check his or her allotment. The allotment status will show the institute and

course / programme in which the candidate has been allotted a seat, if any. The candidate will be able

to see the corresponding GMR and CMR for all the applications in the candidate’s preference list.


25. Seat allotment will be done HEI / Course / Programme-wise according to merit and preference.

a. UR seats will be allotted to candidates irrespective of their social category.

i. PwD candidates will be placed against their respective seats.

ii. Candidates other than PwD will be placed against UR seats not reserved for PwD.

b. The same procedure will be followed for the reserved category seats.

c. If a UR-PwD candidate is allotted a UR-PwD seat, the same candidate will not be considered

for any other UR seat. The same rule applies for the other reserved categories as well; for

example, SC-PwD, ST-PwD, and OBC A & B – PwD candidates allotted seats in these

categories will not be allotted any other seat in the SC, ST, or OBC A and B categories.

d. If a reserved category candidate belonging to SC, ST, OBC-A or OBC-B is allotted a UR seat by

merit, the same candidate may also be allotted the respective reserved category seat, if

eligible. In that case, the same person may be allotted 02 (two) seats for the same course /

programme / HEI combination. In such cases, the candidate will have to opt for one (either UR

or Reserved Category) seat at the time of taking provisional admission.

e. While allotting a seat to a candidate, the following rules will be applicable:

i. A candidate will be allotted the highest available ranked (as indicated in the preference list

submitted by the candidate) seat. This allotment will be made based on the candidate’s

rank in the merit index list and seat availability for the particular course / programme / HEI


ii. Once allotted a seat, all choices of that candidate for the same rank and below in the

preference list will not be considered for seat allotment in future rounds. This is to ensure

that candidates who are allotted seats will be considered for upgrading only in the next

round. If a candidate is allotted a seat against the first preference, the candidate will not be

considered in later upgrade rounds.

iii. If there is a tie between candidates with the same Merit Index for the last seat of a particular

course /


26. After seat allotment to all possible candidates, the portal will be opened for a defined timeline for

the candidates to take provisional admission to the seats allotted to them, if any.


27. The candidates have to proceed with taking admission into the allotted seats. The candidates who

will not take admission in the allotted seats in the respective round will not be considered for any

further upgrading. The candidature of such a candidate will be irrevocably cancelled.


28. A candidate who has taken admission to the allotted seat in the respective round may opt for

upgradation, if not allotted in the top-most preference given by the candidate.


29. For any future allotment in the upgrade round, the candidates who were allotted a seat and all

choices of the same rank and below in the preference list will not be considered.


30. For provisional admission in the allotted seat, the candidate must confirm and accept the admission


fees and pay the same through the online payment mode as available in the system.


31. Admission fees will be according to the fee structure as prescribed by the respective HEIs. The fees

may vary due to the selection of a combination of subjects.


32. On successful payment, the candidate will be considered to have been provisionally admitted, and

the candidate will be provided with a downloadable provisional admission slip.

Allotment of Seats and Admission in Upgrade Round 1


33. After the closure of the first round of admission, candidates who have already been admitted to the

allotted seat in the previous round will be considered for upgrading.


34. For the candidates who were allotted a seat in the previous round, choices that are ranked higher

than the allotted seat will only be considered when allotting seats in the upgrade round. This rule will

apply to already-provisionally admitted candidates.


35. Candidates who were allotted their first preference seat in the first round, irrespective of whether

they took provisional admission or not, will NOT be considered in upgrade round.


36. Only those seats where no admission has been taken in the first round will be considered as ‘Available

Seats’ for the subsequent upgrade round.


37. Seats reserved for the scheduled caste candidates and remaining unfilled seats will be filled by

Schedules tribe candidates, and vice versa. Likewise, seats reserved for OBC-A candidates remaining

unfilled may be filled by OBC-B candidates, and vice versa.


38. The upgraded allotment will be declared on the scheduled date.


39. After seat allotment, the portal will be opened for a pre-defined period for the candidates to take

provisional admission to upgraded seats allocated to them, if any.


40. If an already provisionally admitted candidate is allotted a seat in the upgrade phase, the candidate

can opt for the upgraded seat. In that case, the candidate must confirm to vacate the earlier seat.

Alternatively, the candidate can opt not to take admission to the upgraded seat. In that case, the

provisional admission taken in the previous round will remain valid.


41. If a previously provisionally admitted candidate opts for the upgraded seat, the candidate will pay

only the additional amount (admission fees) for provisional admission to the new seat.


42. If the admission fee for the newly allotted seat is less than the previous one, then the extra amount

collected earlier will be refunded to the candidate’s bank account after the completion of the whole

online admission process.


43. A candidate may opt for cancellation of admission through the portal until the list of admitted

candidates is not sent to the respective HEIs. Cancellation of admission may be done through the

“Cancel Admission” menu in the applicant’s Dashboard. On cancellation of admission, the admission

fees paid by the candidate will be refunded to the bank account mentioned in the application after

the completion of the entire admission process. Candidates who opt for cancellation of admission

after the list of admitted candidates is sent to the respective HEIs will have to apply to the HEI for

cancellation of admission.

Allotment of Seats and Admission in Upgrade Round 2


44. Same procedure will be followed in Upgrade Round 1

Optional MOP-UP Admission

45. The remaining vacancies will be announced (college, course / programme and category-wise), after

closure of earlier admission procedure.


46. Fresh applications will be invited for MOP-UP admission on scheduled days, and previously registered

candidates may change their preferences, if they have not been allotted a seat earlier, applying afresh

through portal.

47. For admitted candidates in earlier Admission procedure, only applications higher in the preference list

than that to which the candidate has taken admission will be considered. Provided the candidate

opted for upgrading.

Document Verification


48. Verification of documents will be done at the HEI level.


49. Candidates who will take provisional admission through the portal will report to the concerned HEI

within the notified schedule for physical verification of documents. They must carry printed copies of

their admission slip and all academic and other relevant documents in original. If, during the physical

verification of documents at the college/HEI, it is found that there is a discrepancy between the data

provided in the portal and that found in the documents, which may have had an impact on eligibility

and/or Merit Rank / Pheosition, the provisional admission may be summarily cancelled. Admission

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will be finally confirmed only after successful verification of all relevant documents by the concerned

HEI, followed by registration with the affiliated university.

50. Candidates must carry the following documents in original and one self-attested copy of each.

a. Class 10th Standard mark sheet.

b. Class 10th Standard Examination Admit Card (Age Proof)

c. Class 10+2 Standard mark sheet, Admit Card and Registration Certificate

d. Social category certificate (if applicable)

e. Disability certificate (if applicable)

f. Valid Photo ID Proof as submitted in the application form

g. Aadhar Card (Preferably)

h. System Generated Provisional Admission Slip

51. As a result of document verification -

If a candidate is found not eligible for any course / programme because of a discrepancy in data

and/or document (which may have an impact on the merit index of the candidate), his or her

provisional admission will be cancelled, and the candidate will not be considered for seat allotment

in any future (mop-up) round, if any.

General Rules to remain valid throughout the Centralised Online Admission Process:

1. If a provisionally admitted candidate does not want to join or continue in the institute, the

candidate will have to apply to that institute for any refund within the prescribed period for

cancellation of admission in terms of the relevant order in force. The department will not

have any responsibility / liability in this regard and will not entertain any communication in

this connection.

2. The provisional admission fees paid by candidates who complete the admission process

will be

will be finally confirmed only after successful verification of all relevant documents by the concerned

HEI, followed by registration with the affiliated university.


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